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Because it's 2017, we met on Tinder. That's right, a Tinder success story. Somehow we beat the odds and made it through an awkward first date with a complete stranger. After spending two weeks on the phone all night like teenagers and annoying our friends by texting each other constantly, Logan and Liz met for the first time in the pouring rain (he brought a giant dad umbrella). We've built our relationship on the finer things in life: Taco Bell, cheap wine, and most importantly: being best friends.

Though we didn't want to admit it, we both knew it was "it" pretty quick. Our relationship has been so easy and so fun- nothing flashy, everything real. Most of our time spent together is sitting around laughing about nothing and teasing each other. We can't imagine anything else. Logan has taught Liz how to not just endure, but appreciate sports. Liz has taught Logan to eat something other than McDonald's for every meal.

For a few months, Logan had messed with Liz and convinced her it would take another year (at the least) for them to be in a good spot to get married. He spent his weekends scheming and telling Liz he needed "space" (does any human like hearing this) when really he was picking out the ring and meeting with her dad. What a punk.

On her 26th birthday, they were sitting on the couch talking about their day and drinking cheap champagne when Logan asked if they could go outside on the porch. Stubborn, Liz said no, it's raining. Logan asked if she wanted to put a dress on for dinner. Again, stubborn, Liz said no, she was fine with jeans.

Logan said for her birthday, he wanted to tell Liz how he felt about her. This felt like a copout to Liz, who assumed this meant he had not gotten her anything for her birthday...

Pretty soon, there was crying (we won't say who) and screaming and running around in circles freaking out.

We are having an intimate, family only ceremony this fall and will celebrate with a low-key party with our friends the next day.


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6:00 PM, October 1, 2017
Three Taverns Brewery
121 New Street, Decatur, GA 30030

After a small family gathering for our ceremony, we'd like to celebrate with our friends. Join us for BBQ and drinks!
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